Friday 29 May 2015

Did somebody say BARGAIN??

For those (far too frequent) chilly days.. 

Summer ready.. 

Skirt - Primark | Jumper - Topshop | Boots - THE WHITEPEPPER (sold out) | Jewellery - Topshop, Pretty Twisted 

Hello my lovelies, how has everyone's week been? and who's happy its Friday? YAYYY for the weekend!! So I did plan on blogging a more Summer/Spring outfit today but as I was scrolling through my laptop this morning I came across these pictures that I'd completely forgotten about. I also think this outfit is definitely a lot more weather appropriate atm than my teeeeny Rat & Boa dress.. Sun where have you gone :(:(

Did somebody Say BARGAIN? Yes, this skirt was another amazing BARGAIN of mine, £3!! I know right.. I could hardly believe it myself, how incredible?! I also love how versatile this skirt is - as on a chilly day (as shown above), I teamed it with a woolly jumper (although this jumper isn't keeping anybody warm, trust me haha!) and some chunky boots, then when (if ever :’( waaaa! ) the sun comes out, you can ditch the boots for a pair of comfy sandals and a crop top looking and feeling summer ready.. lets hope I'm doing this very soon eyy!



  1. Your hair is amazing and your blog is beautiful! Miss you face! Take us back to Motel

    1. Thank you beauty, as is yours!! Aw miss yours too! Excited to see you again hopefully sometime soon! Xxx