Wednesday 24 December 2014

Skiing in a winter wonderland

Jumper - Given to me by my Nana (No label) | Jeans - Topshop | Boots - Thewhitepepper | Hat - Missguided

I know its been a while since I last posted but I just have so much going on atm :(:( what with just getting back from Austria (which I had planned to blog whilst there but the Internet just wasn't up to it) all the exams I have coming up and catching up with all my friends and family over Christmas, leaves my life well.. pretty damnn crazzzy! So yeah, Austria was absolutely AMAZING!! It was my first ever skiing holiday as I'm usually a lay on the sunbed getting a tan kinda girl, but skiing was such an unbelievable experience and I just want to do it all again!! I laughed non stop for the whole week, ate lots of yummy food and had my fair share of jager bombs, hahaa! I've added some pictures in of skiing for you guys down below if anyone's interested, then just simply scroll down...

Also it was my birthday on the 19th whilst I was in Austria, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to mee! Spending your 20th skiing and partying in Austria.. I mean what more could you ask for! Definitely a birthday i'll never forget!

So here I'm wearing a jumper my Nana gave to me, (totally raided her wardrobe for the turtle necks this winter) However, when she gave me this one it was kind of an awkward length that just didn't really do anything for me, so I decided to chop away at it and make it into a nice Little cropped jumper (Oopsie, think i'll be keeping that a secret from my Nana, I can hear her now "Eee Amy, you'll catch your death of cold in that now" hehee the cutie! ) but anyway. now its deffos one of my fave jumpers!! I paired it with my tight fitted topshop jeans, my chunky boots and of course, a hat. 




  1. Looooooks so awesome! I cant wait to go skiing this february!


    1. It was so amazing!! Hope you have a fab time hunny! Xx