Saturday 6 December 2014

Hey mama, welcome to the 60's..

Skirt - ebay (find some like it here) | Jumper - Topshop | Bag - Carboot | Boots - Forever 21 

Okay so I shiver too looking at my bare legs in this weather, Eee the things I do to get some good blog pictures, but saying that I actually wasn't even that cold, however I'll admit it was one of our 'warmest' colder days, if that makes any sense haa! So I just thought that this would be a nice outfit to throw on around the Christmas period (when your sick of sparkles) and just spending time around your families or friends, which is just a case of spending seconds in the coldness running from car to house. However by simply throwing on a pair of thick tights, a coat and a nice woolly scarf your ready to tackle any weather!!

So I really enjoy the 60's vibe that this skirt, well whole outfit has going on. I think it gives this Topshop jumper a whole other look as oppose to the way I've worn it in a previous post, which you can find here. So you all probably know by now that I'm completely obsessed with turtle necks, you can just never have enough of them in my opinion, especially over these bloody cold winter months and I plan on buying many many more! Lastly I finished off my look with these suede baby's from forever 21, they just seem to be all I'm reaching for when I'm getting ready lately, I can feel another shoe obsession coming on..

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  1. I love this skirt, ive been looking for a skirt like this!


    1. You can find lots like this on eBay babes and thankyou xo

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