Sunday 16 November 2014

Cold shoulder dresses and cold weather

Dress - Fashion union | Cardigan - Rat and Boa | Boots - Thewhitepepper | Hat - Accessorize | Necklaces - Topshop, Pretty twisted

From the minute I saw this dress on fashion union I knew it was the perfect a/w dress. The Browny green flowering detail on it is very Autumnal and I just love it. BEST PART – only £7 in the sale!! Very happy me!! So I took these pictures on one of our more slightly warmer autumn days, hence why its not very Wintery. However whack a pair of thick black tights on, a duster coat, some platform boots, a chunky knit scarf and your ready to tackle any weather that’s thrown at you!

One of my favourite things about this dress is the cold shoulders, I just LOVE the way these dresses look on, and it’s a way of still flashing a bit of flesh in the colder months whilst still having a sleeve. So I'm really struggling with dressing for these colder months atm, anybody else? I'm a summer gal through and through!!(and the worst part is, the colder weathers yet to come :(!!)

So if you love this dress as much as me, find it here at fashion union for only £7!! I could spend ridiculous amounts on crazy amounts of their clothing, they just have so many amazing items, and it has been known for me to spend quite a lot on their stuff in the past.. ooppsies! But as I'm officially on a spending ban for the moment (surprisingly going pretty well) why not do the spending for me and go check them out! I apologise in advance to your bank accounts, but its definitely worth it!!