Saturday 8 November 2014

Crochet all grunged up

Dress - Rat & Boa, Boots - Thewhitepepper, Necklaces - Prettytwisted, eBay and Topshop, Bag - York Market

So I know its bloody freezing atm outside and I'll admit this outfit is not very fitted to the weather, but we can still dress like this on nights out right? And for any of you lucky ladies off on holiday any time soon! So I love layering in the winter and all the amazing turtle necks but I really miss wearing all my little summer dresses and clothes SOO bad!! :(:( anybody else?!!

So here I'm wearing a dress from one of my favourite brands - rat and boa, as you all probably know by now by the amount of clothing I own from them!! This dress was so hard to get hold of :( I'd been trying basically all summer and finally snatched this little beauty up from depop, finally!!! AHH crochet!! I love absolutely anything crochet, its actually an addiction.. Well buying clothes all together is a very bad and expensive addiction of mine, ooopsies! (I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem, hehe!) I absolutely adore this dress and wanted to grunge it up rather than wearing it pretty and I love the way it turned out! (grunging any outfit up means I get to wear my fave boots so it's always a winner with me!) As this dress is pretty short I had to wear 'short tights' under it just to make sure I wasn't flashing my business! (So basically all I mean by 'tight shorts' is a pair of plain black tights cut off into shorts. Simple, easy, cheap and will be a lifesaver under all those short dress's!!)

I finished this look off, as I usually do lately, with lots of necklaces - my new obsession! I love a goood necklace and they just seem to complete most outfits!! I also decided to included a bag in this blog post for a change and this one fit perfectly!! So I didnt want to droan on about this but again I'm really sorry for the lack of blog posts last week, uni work just got on top of me but hopefully they will be back to normal this week (I'm going to try really hard to have one up every other day!) Bye byee



  1. Love this dress!! It looks gorgeous on you. Also your hair is amazing!! So jealous :)

    1. Aw thankyou lovely!! And don't be silly, your gorgeous xx

  2. Hello! I've nominated your for the Liebster Award! Sorry if you've already done it , if you have could you link me too it so I can take a look? If you haven't please link me to it once you have done it! Love Laura Elizabeth xo