Friday 9 June 2017


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ALERT ALERT ALERT ...  I'm currently the worst blogger.. 

Ok so somewhere along the line I lost the love I once had for my blog .. I mean what started as a platform for me to share my love of fashion and express my personal style became a constant need to always have perfect pictures, scrutinising every detail with the need to edit every picture in a constant search to further perfect every post. Don't get me wrong I still want to put good quality blog posts out there but with a more relaxed view and approach to the term 'quality'.

Whilst it's easy to keep telling yourself 'you do you girl' I think most people would struggle to admit that they haven't compared themselves to at least one person or another at some point - I mean it's natural! If I wasn't stressing over my lack of photography skills and how great of a picture I could actually get using my trusty iPhone, I was wondering why no bugger reads the post that I'd spent time travelling to fancy locations and worked for hours on, yet loved the one I'd whacked out sat on a bus to the town.

One of the main things I’ve realized is that you don't have to have crazy quality high fashion images, a photographer, breathtaking backdrops to have a good blog. If your passionate about it and want it as much as the biggest of bloggers out there then it's already special. Whether you reach thousands of people or impact the life of just one person.. thats success! While don't get me wrong I applaud those bloggers but I'm just saying it's not for everyone. I'm equally as interested in an outfit shot in someone's bedroom or a mirror selfie as I am if they were posing on some fancy streets in London, both are equally fab! 
So I'm taking all the pressure off myself in a hope to fall back in love with blogging again.. so expect a wide variety of posts, some with a few paragraphs on my tragic yet pretty entertaining life.. ('I'm naturally funny because my life is a joke' yup we've all heard it before but summed up in a quote that's me! .. blabbing absolute nonsense and going completely off topic - also me! ) short and sweet posts with all outfits linked, hair posts, makeup posts, jewellery posts (because sometimes it's all about the accessories) more lifestyle style posts, monthly favourites.. you name it! 

So basically what I'm saying is that I just needed to take time out, put blogging on a backseat for a while, focus on university (which by the way I have just recently COMPLETED... EEKKK!)  and hopefully fall back in love with blogging again.


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