Sunday 6 March 2016


 So I found this cute little vegan cafe in newcastle the other day.. so yummy!! 
Jumper - Depop (seller - @dreamboatvintage) | Jeans - Urban Outfitters (sold out) | Trainers - Urban Outfitters | Denim Jacket - Vintage (similar from Urban Outfitters here) | Bag - Charity shop | Necklace - Sheinside 

HAPPY SUNDAY LOVELIES!! (..or not considering its Monday tomorrow -.- weekends just go far too quick!!)

Yes I'm actually blogging for what feels like the first time in forever!! So let me just start by saying a MASSIVE sorry for the major lack of blog posts over the last couple of months.. You know how it is sometimes, life just gets in the way! Pathetic excuse i know, but adjusting back into the swings of uni, crazy workloads, multiple TV series on the go at once, actually finding someone to take outfit pictures for you and trying to have a social life all at the same time can get pretty difficult at times.. Especially if your as unorganised as me haha! Anyway, I'm back and will 100% be making a massive effort to fit blogging back in around university again because its a passion of mine and I definitely don't want to lose it!

How great is this jumper btw? Ahhh the colours, I literally fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and just went straight into buy mode, nothing was going to stop me!.. I'm just thankful it was only £8 or that really could have been dangerous as UNIF sell a pretty similar sweater and UNIF prices are not fun! Ohh and did I mention my bag was only 50p :o:o bloody good bargain buy right?? 



  1. Love this jumper Amy, loved your blog for a while now <3 I'll have to find this cafe when I eventually visit home...

    I've just posted photo's I've took for a university project if you wanna check it out!
    Gemma |

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