Tuesday 20 October 2015

Prints Print PRINTS

Dress - Urban Outfitters (sold out) | Top - Urban Outfitters | Boots - Asos | Bag - La Moda | Jewellery - Shop Little O / eBay 

You all know just how much I love my prints atm, so when I saw this dress in urban outfitters a few weeks ago I couldn't leave without it! Even though it's getting bloody cold I'm still not giving in to tights just yet, even if I do freeze haha!

So there's definitely a lot going on in this outfit.. from the leopard print booties, to the crosshatch print dress, to the tassels and striped top, you name it, this outfits got it! So regardless of how dull this weather gets over the next few months my outfits definitely won't be! 


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