Tuesday 29 September 2015

Summer or Fall Style.. Which Season/Outfit do you prefer?

So without a doubt I prefer the Summer season over Fall, however clothes wise I think I'm definitely preferring the Fall style take on this Urban Outfitters dress as appose to the Summer look.. what do you think? ..

Dress - Urban Outfitters | Top - Urban Outfitters | Bag - LAMODA (discontinued) | Boots - Forever 21 | Necklaces - Shop Little O & eBay 

HAPPY TUESDAY GUYS.. Even though were all wishing it was Friday right?!

So again it's been a while.. I literally didn't think anything else could really go wrong hahaa but I was rushed into hospital last week and ended up having surgery to remove my appendix so yeah that definitely wasn't fun and I've just been concentrating on getting myself better and sorted really!!! However I believe that bad things come in three's (sounds silly I know but hey, It's always been the case for me) and I've definitely had my three so I'm hoping everything can only get better from this point on! 

Are you a maxi dress lover but only reach for them throughout the summer months or on your hols? Unsure of how to style them over the colder seasons? Well I definitely struggled with how to adapt my summer faves to the chilly weather! I'm not sure about you but It just feels as if summer passed by so quickly this year :(  I mean I didn't even get chance to wear nearly half of my summer stuff :o So if you haven't already noticed from my instagram (@amyhallimond) I've decided to start layering a lot lately so I don't have to put away my summer wardrobe quite yet.. Well not all of it anyways hahah! 

Stripes.. Who doesn't love a good striped tee eyy? I'm definitely obsessed and my collection just keeps growing and growing! So I decided to layer a long sleeved striped tee underneath my dress transforming it from summer to fall wear. I also really love the clash of prints between the stripes and floral in this outfit as it just gives it that extra groove! (Extra groove?.. really haha! I don't even know where that came from but you get me right? haha!) 


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