Wednesday 18 February 2015

Easy quick hairstyle

Scroll to the bottom for a step by step guide on how I created this look..

Scroll to the bottom for a step by step guide on how I created this look..

Okay, so I thought I'd do a different kind of post today, just to change things up a little from my usual 'purely fashion based' outfit posts. (Some of these pictures were a bit close for comfort haa, but the outfit I'm wearing in these pictures will be up on the blog soon and I didn't want to give too much of it away in this post!) I'm thinking of incorporating a few different posts like this into my blog from time to time to mix things up a little, what do you guys think?

So onto the hair,, I'm all for long locks, in fact the longer the better as far as I'm concerned.. well within in reason!! (I can imagine stepping all over your hair is just not a good look and really annoying too hehee!) So yesss I love me some long hair, but sometimes you just need a change. I also think shorter hair can really frame your face too and sometimes complement the angels of your face better than longer hair can, as in some occasions and I've had a few, I've felt as if longer hair sometimes just washes me out if that makes sense and can drag my face down. However a lot of it is dependant upon the shape of your face, as shorter bob style's run the risk of making your face look more rounded, whereas a longer style can really slim down the face. So its just about working with what best suits your face shape or mainly just whichever style you prefer!! If you love something whether its your hair, clothes, weight whatever and feel comfortable and happy in your self then **** what anyone else thinks right?!!

I understand that this hairstyle is very different, as you've got the pony tail going on at the back and a bob style going on it the front and it might not be everyones cup of tea - but I really like this hairstyle on me and its just really nice to completely change the whole look and style of your hair sometimes! The best thing about this is that it only takes a few minutes to do and it looks like you've had a complete hair makeover.. keep reading girls to find out how to achieve this look.. 


 1). First, you want to make sure your hair has some waves going on and that its not completely straight. My hair was pretty wavy before I started, but I just quickly put a few curls through it using just a really standard curling wand, (I think mine was only £20 from Argos a few years back and its still going strong!!) to introduce extra bounce to my hair. I also curled a few pieces of the hair at the front of my head to frame my face and clipped in a few extensions to add more volume and length to my hair - (I used Bellami hair extensions in the colour 'Ash blonde #60' for this look) 

2). So start by tying your hair in a really loose ponytail at the back of your neck/top back, (using a big scrunchy if possible as oppose to a thin bobble, it just makes it a lot easier and I personally think it looks better as it gives it a more effortless look!) making sure to not pull your hair all the way through the bobble on last pull through to create this half bun, half ponytail look.

If you don't like this half bun/half ponytail look at the back of your head and want a full on bob.. Just use a thin bobble instead of a scrunchy, tying your hair into a small tight bun at the back of your neck and tuck it fully under your hair, securing it with some bobby pins and then continue with the steps below.. (when I walked down stairs after doing this my dad genuinely thought I'd hair my hair cut off, hehe!!)

3). Next, start to pull and loosen the front pieces of hair around your face, being careful not to pull pieces of your hair fully out of your bobble. By doing this it creates this tucked under, thick voluminous look. (If you have them awkward pieces of hair that are just too too short to keep tucked in your bobble, but too long to dangle down round your face, then just grip these up with bobby pins positioning your hair where and how you'd like it too look.)

4). Now to make it look more natural, just pull out a few wispy shorter layers of hair around your face and the sides of your hair and your done

I hope you all enjoyed