Thursday 31 July 2014

£1 bargain!!

My favourite thing to eat ever.. a parmo!!

 Duster coat - Asos, Dress - Charity shop (originally from Topshop), Shoes - The Whitepepper, Moon Necklace - Pretty twisted, Turquoise cuff - Topshop 

 (Mini life update.. boy I sure love to rant, haa! ) So my boyfriends gone to Ayia Napa for the week and I'm going to kavos the day he gets back, so I wont be seeing him for two weeks.. boo:(! Anyways, I'd been trying all day to convince him to take me out for a meal and drinks (any excuse to get dressed up) the night before he went, and guess what.. YAY!

Ive been loving all the duster coats out lately, more so after seeing Kylie Jenner in her powder blue one from Asos – I had a nosey on Asos and absolutely fell in love with the white one!! So, after ‘umming’ and ‘arring’ for a few weeks about whether to get it or not - (£60 is a lot of money, especially when your trying to save up some spending money for a girls holl.. eeeek!!)  Eventually I gave in, I mean who wouldn't, its amazing?! I think its a definite staple piece and a good investment for every ones wardrobe.. Well worth the money considering the amount of times Ive worn it already! 

 I paired my duster coat with a simple black dress - which, by the way, did I mention I got for £1??!! AND its from Topshop :o bargain or what?! 

(I went shopping a few days later, only to find a lookalike of this coat for less than half the price in new look :( just my luck eyy!)



  1. Just started following your blog, love your personal style! x

    1. Aww thank you so much, that means a lot to me!! x

  2. 60 pounds is pretty steep price, but I can see why you couldn’t resist buying it. Please let us know how you managed to get the black dress for one pound.

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